The reason why this object was designed and built, firstly came from a will to gain in efficiency by overcoming the time to learn again and again about rules, constraints and limits of a particular programming language when doing recurring and necessary tasks are required into applications and scripts which run on desktop, on client/server or on 
Web environment.




                            • For Who?


• Bringing extra values



System and Network Administrators



Software Development Community

hobbyistbeginner or professional )


. Short and quick  learning curve


. Interoperability


. Factoring code lines for client/server

  with TCP/IP sockets and Named Pipe



. Communication to the Web with

  the http/https and ftp protocols


. Sending an e-mail by just calling

  only one simple function


. Built-in embedded SQL database



Multi task built-in:

   - Multi-threading

   - Thread pool

   - Multi-core


Scalability, robustness thanks to

  existence of:

- Monitoring

- Tuning

- Upgrading

- Freeze and Crash Resilience

- Snapshot of API coverage


. And many more worthwhile

  and funny features…



. Support for multiple script languages:

  ( VBA/VBScript, JScript, PowerShell, Python, Perl, PHP, R…)


. Easy concept to use which is based on calls to properties and

  methods of only  one object  through  synchronous  and

  asynchronous interfaces.


. Porting or writing scripts processes with a multitasking scheme

  which is basing on parallelized or queued running threads.


. Porting or writing distributed scripts processes with a 

  client/server or Web scheme.


. Porting or writing scripts processes with a data management

  in volatile RAM or on hard disk scheme which rely on an

  embedded SQL* database engine.


. Adding crash and freeze resilience support into scripts
  processes which have to run continuously 7days/7days and












* SQL: stands for Structured Query Language.


. Quick and ad hoc Getting Started without using an

integrated and complex development environment to setup.

(writing codes here and now with a simple text editor)


. Documentation and samples help understand services and

features of the object, and provide in the same time a Quick Start to build real applications.



. Multiple language support preserves viability and “reusability” for services and features of the object while

programming habits and rules change.


. API (Application Programming Interface) library oriented

style rather than framework oriented style gives flexibility

and simplicity while integrating this programmable object

into new or existing applications.


. Easy use from within Visual Basic for Applications (VBA)

macros in Microsoft Office Suite (Excel, Word, Access)