Legal Information

ScriptEZ.API - version 2.38.8 ~

Information in this document is subject to change without notice. THE SOFTWARE is to be used “as-is.”, which means that the author gives no express warranties, guarantees or conditions in the cases where misunderstanding and misuse would bring damage to users of your own applications or creations.

Words: creating this object was firstly motivated by a will to overcome the “time consuming” cycles of learning of the rules, constraints and limitations of a particular programming language when implementing recurring and necessary tasks within an application or a script. In short, the goal was clearly to gain in efficiency in programming for hobby or for professional projects. For instance, using this object’s API within network programming projects could simplify much of “tedious and plumbing” tasks around TCP/IP, Named Pipe, Http/Ftp, SMTP protocols. Moreover, a specific client/server protocol for SQLite database is also available through an easy set of API and a dedicated server application.

Well, hoping you will have the pleasure to use this component in your daily work, as I had fun to design and to program it. Surely, use it freely of charge to simplify and to enhance your software development process as I did it myself into some of my applications and professional projects.

That’s all, folks !