(Synchronous and Asynchronous)


Native use of the component in VBScript or in other scripting languages under Windows 64 bit

is supported through a COM Surrogate (COM+ application) process:


·         Step1. You can use dcomcnfg.exe by your own to add and build a COM+ Application (namely ScriptEZ_APIWoW) which integrates ScriptEZWoW.dll file or alternatively, run a following helper script: COM+ AppBuilder.vbs, which will build all the necessary for you.

(!) with a lockdown policy, you need admin rights to create this COM+ application


ScriptEZ_APIWoW COM+ application figure:



·         Step2. You can then use ProgID 'ScriptEZ.APIWoW' instead of 'ScriptEZ.API' when calling WScript.CreateObject(…) or its equivalent with another scripting language.

(!) 64 bit support involves creating only one ScriptEZ.APIWoW instance per script.