D o    m o r e    w i t h    l e s s    c o m p l e x i t y .
   M o r e    w i t h    i n t e r o p e r a b i l i t y,   s c a l a b i l i t y    a n d    r o b u s t n e s s .

Understanding and Using ScriptEZ.API component

Dear readers,

Thanks a lot for choosing to discover and to experiment capabilities of this programmable component.

Well, the will to save time and efficiency has been initiated and nourished through my various participations
and contributions in IT projects and professional missions or in training courses.

Experience of the workground and experience of time have gradually brought me to think about and build a set
of workshop and toolbox ready to use & to integration, from which I wish now to introduce one interesting
element as its use is simple and easy to apprehend. Here's a programmable and interoperable API object which
is thought and designed in order to simplify and accelerate apps development under Windows or Android

For sure, through this documentation and samples, you're going to see that this object will be capable to serve
seamlessly to your new projects as well as to enrichment of your existing projects.

So first of all, this hypertext document is written for any developer, any system & network administrator or
for yourself
…(’cause you will and you're worth it !) and contains reference material on the following subjects:

Hopefully, you enjoy it.






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Getting started






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Tips and notes



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